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The DAC Fitness Centre (DFC) is a two-level facility that houses a variety of professional fitness equipment, free weights, and workout space. For a modest annual fee, members enjoy 24/7 keycode access to the DFC. Members may also participate in organized activities in the gymnasium, such as badminton, table tennis, and pickleball, and may also use the gymnasium when it is not booked for other activities.

There are three options to make use of the DFC:

  1. Membership: $150/year (pre-defined) and $75/year for under 19 when a parent is also a member.
  2. Drop-in use: $3 per person per session and must be accompanied by a DFC member in good standing.
  3. Private booking: Fees apply and private bookings cannot interfere with member use of the facility. (Contact deNeen Baldwin to book at

To apply for membership to the Fitness Centre, click here to fill out the on-line Google form. If you use the on-line form, you will also need to download the Liability Waiver form here. Submit the completed Liability Waiver electronically to Sue Stewart at, or drop it off in the mailbox at the Activity Centre. If you prefer a paper application form, you can also download a Fitness Centre membership form here. Follow the instructions on the forms.

Membership is paid annually and pro-rated after the first four months of the membership year. Family memberships are available for youth under nineteen years of age when a parent is also a member. Parental/guardian consent is required for all users under nineteen years of age. (Click here to download a DFC Parental/guardian Consent Form.)

After the fitness coordinator receives your completed application, waiver form, and payment, she will send you a Fitness Centre access code.

Members acknowledge and agree to the following rules:

  • There are no attendants on site.  Members and guests use the facilities at their own risk.
  • Members are responsible for ensuring that they and their guests use the equipment and facilities in a safe manner. Directions for the proper use of equipment are posted and should be followed.
  • Members and their guests must sign in each time they use the facility.
  • The cleanliness, maintenance, and security of the facilities are the responsibility of all members.  Proper CLEAN indoor footwear and clothing required at all times. (Dirty shoes cause extra cleaning time and machine maintenance that increases costs for everyone).
  • The key punch code issued must not be shared. Key codes may change on occasion for security purposes.
  • Youth age 12-15 must be accompanied by an adult when using the DFC.
  • Children under 12 and pets are not allowed in the DFC.
  • Drop-ins (casual users) are allowed only when accompanying a regular member. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests pay the required fee and sign the guest list/waiver. Youth are not allowed as drop-ins unless a parental consent form has been submitted (click here to download a parental consent form).
  • Members agree to adhere to other posted guidelines for facility use.
  • Members may use the gymnasium for drop-in use when it has not been booked.  Gym bookings are posted on the website calendar.  Rentals and other bookings have precedence over drop-in use.
  • Denman Fitness Centre reserves the right to cancel memberships as a result of inappropriate behaviour by the member or their guest.

(All DFC memberships were extended until the end of July 2022 to compensate for the latest Public Health Order closure due to the pandemic. If you are not currently a member, you can purchase a pro-rated membership for the month of July, 2022, for $15.)

For further information about the DFC, contact our Fitness Coordinator, Sue Stewart at 250.335.2441 or by email:, or use the contact form below.

12-Month Membership $150

January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023

Jan 2023 $150
Feb 2023 $150
Mar 2023 $150
Apr 2023 $150
May 2023 $135
Jun 2023 $120

Jul 2023 $105
Aug 2023 $90
Sep 2023 $75
Oct 2023 $60
Nov 2023 $45
Dec 2023 $30

For further information about the DFC, contact our Fitness Coordinator, Sue Stewart at 250.335.2441, or by email:, or use the contact form below.

Contact The Fitness Centre

For information about table tennis, contact Peter Marshall 250.335.0489

For information about pickleball, contact Noel Villard 250.335.2120, John Andrew 250.335.2905, or Bill Engleson 250.335.0897.

For information about renting the gymnasium click here or contact the booking agent, deNeen Baldwin at 250.335.3027 or by email: